Weekly delivered bucket assortment .

Suitable for pubs and restaurants for dining table arrangements. Includes shorter stems perfect for tables.

Diy Buckets

Fresh flowers by the bucket. Ideal for DIY brides or venues wanting to recommend diy flower suppliers.


Subsidise your imported flowers with British grown blooms. No minimum order required

Flower guidance and advice.

Not only will we supply the flowers we will be on hand with ideas and hire items to help you organise and carry out your own wedding flowers yourself. Helping you to choose which flowers will be the best too use and even growing them for you in advance.

Price list

This will change dependant on availability and stem amount ordered. Dahlia from 1.20 per stem Cosmos from 0.50 per stem Statice from 0.75 per stem Delphinium from 1.50 per stem Strawflower from 0.75 per stem Sunflowers from 1.00 per stem Larkspur from 1.00 per stem Aster from 0.75per stem Wildflower mix 0.50 per stem Diy buckets from £30 per bucket

Pick Your Own Flowers

Open until the season ends £5 entry from £1.10 per stem picked Make a flower crown £30 Make an arrangement £40 There will be time slots for each booking. Parties of up to 8 people at any one time. 1 hour picking slots. Aporox 1.5 hour for workshop Flower crown workshop cost includes entry, flowers and tuition. Arrangement Workshop cost includes Entry, flowers and tuition. BYO. Bucket and snips. Wine and a picnic blanket or chair.